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Tactical Dogfighting

Outrigger Tactics is a video game about three factions fighting for ownership of the skies.  You will collect airships, upgrades and captains and use your collection to assemble a fleet.  Once in battle, you and your enemy command your ships simultaneously, then hit ready and watch the commands be executed.   You must anticipate your opponents moves and attempt to out think and out maneuver the enemy. 

Outrigger Tactics Fantasy Airship Broadsides Concept

The Inspiration

Outrigger Tactics is heavily inspired by tabletop miniature games. Games like Fantasy Flight's "X-Wing Miniatures" and Ares Games' "Wings of Glory" offer players a incredible head to head experience.  The games are short and exciting, have simple rules and have just enough randomness that incredible upsets are a core part of the experience.  All these qualities lend the games a sense of arcadiness that I feel is held back by cumbersome movement mechanics, extortionate price tags and seemingly endless rule exceptions granted by upgrades.  Playing these games just made me want a tactical dogfighter video game, where the gameplay wouldn't be held back by the limitations of physical miniatures, and so I set out to make Outrigger Tactics.


At the time of the Ascension, when the surface of the earth became so hostile that humanity was force to flee into the skies, most of the human race perished.  Three factions coalesced out of the chaos: the Skalds, Krang and Exul, each culture intimately connected to the technology that preserved them through the end of the world.

Outrigger Tactics fantasy airship concept art skald


outrigger tactics fantasy airship concept krang faction


outrigger tactics fantasy airship concept faction Exul


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